The College will offer excellence in education by:

» developing each child to his/her full potential through an integrated programme that attends to physical, emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual development;

» implementing a dynamic and relevant curriculum that addresses the changing needs of society and encourages a sense of responsibility towards the Earth and all beings;

» In so doing, preparing each child to achieve a life of integrity and fine character.

» The College will seek to attract and retain outstanding teachers who are committed to their profession and who embrace the College’s ethos.

» The College will be run as an efficient business enterprise to ensure affordability for its school community.


Our micro vision is to equip your children, unearth their personal potential, fill them with confidence and build up the family. Our macro vision is to bring about a global awareness of sustainability, learning the right use of resources and cultivating a sense of self-sufficiency and completeness in all aspects of their being.  Our strong leadership team has a passion for nature, a zest for life and a vision for the future of education.


Our motto, Instilling conscious living through quality education’, is the seed from which our values and principles sprout. We wish to instil a new sense of awareness of our thoughts and actions, bringing about a realization in our learners that ultimately they are their own masters.

Offering an encouraging foundation for our learners, fuelled with solutions and visions to a sustainable and bright future, we endeavour to inspire the inherent capacity for action in each individual. We believe each human being has the right to thrive and reach their personal excellence.

con-scious  /’kɒnʃәs; NAmE ‘kα:n-/ adj
₁ [not before noun] ~ of (doingsomething │ ~ that aware of something; noticing something; awareness of outcome of choices: She is conscious of the ripple effect of her thoughts and actions  2 able to use your senses and mental powers to understand what is happening: As conscious beings we have the power to choose to live in full awareness  3 (of actions, feelings, etc.) deliberate or controlled: to make a conscious decision to live responsibly  4 being particularly interested in something: environmentally- conscious.

qual-ity  /’kwɒlәti; Nam E ‘kwa:1-/ noun, adj.
 noun (pl. ies) 1 [U,C] the standard of something when it is compared to other things like it; how good or bad something is:  to be of good/ top quality  A school offering education of a high quality   2  [U]  a high standard SYN EXCELLENCE: We aim to provide quality education  3 [C]  a thing that is part of a person’s character, especially something good: personal qualities such as honesty and integrity ▫ to have leadership qualities  4  [C,U] a feature of something, especially one that makes it different  from something else:  prides itself in the quality of its committed staff  5 [C] (BrE) = QUALITY LEARNING EXPERIENCE adj. 1 [only before noun] used especially by people saying that something is of a high quality: We specialize in creating awareness towards sustainability  2  (BrE, slang) very good.