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Kingfisher is growing; let your child grow with us. We are proud to introduce a new learning path for pupils (grades 3 to 6) interested in an online platform – Kingfisher Learning Online, or K-Flo for short. K-Flo’s innovative student-driven curriculum distills the best of traditional and progressive education strategies to create a whole-person approach to learning.

Our Vision

Bring quality education to all learners no matter where in the world they are. We believe children thrive when they’re actively engaged, supported, and encouraged to collaborate. Our online schooling option is designed for active learners and families who desire a more dynamic, customized and fluid approach to education – a learning experience that evolves and adapts with you.

Our Curriculum

British Curriculum
Curricular adherence to Key Stage 2 learning objectives as outlined by the national British curriculum
Project Based Learning
A progressive strategy using applied and student-driven learning tactics to help foster life-long learning
Tech Enhanced
A focus on 21st century success tools, from citizenship to competency, learning to live in an online world starts young.
IB Assessed
Assessed using IB curricular standards
Instilling success values and creating a conscientious awareness – creating emotionally intelligent problem solvers
Incorporating physical-involvement strategies to maintain learning motivation and enhance focus-endurance.

Enrollment now open for grades 3 – 6