Co-Founder & Acting Principal

Lauren is also the Grade 3 Class Teacher (Lower KS2) and a stable source of growth and administrative guidance. A person of many hats and passions, Lauren received her BA in Fine Arts and English at the University of Natal, South Africa (2003), and complemented this achievement with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education through UNISA (2011).

She is an active mother of three and passionate about family, community and especially our school. She leads with a calm determination and infuses her love of nature, art and the beauty of life into her classroom. You can find her teaching by the lake, running around the lake, or living by the lake – there is a theme here. Lauren puts her heart into the school and the kids that pass through it and is highly invested in the effort to grow them into globally accountable, mindful and passionate individuals.


KS2 Curriculum Lead Teacher

Aaron joined the Kingfisher Lake family in 2017 and is the Lead Teacher for our Upper KS2 curriculum (Grades 5 & 6). He holds a BA in International Relations with a Double Minor in English Literature and Italian Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill, USA (2004) and a Postgraduate Advertising and Marketing Certificate from DePaul University, USA (2013), as well as a TEFL/TESL certification (2020).

Bringing a wealth of corporate and non-profit experience to the classroom – Aaron worked professionally in ad sales for years and later on rural development initiatives in Southern Africa – he instructs with real-world success metrics in mind. He assists our students’ transition from theory to application, focusing on developing critical thinking skills and student-driven independence that translates to the formation of life-long learning. Aaron imbues an infectious enthusiasm and keen interest to his lessons and helps ignite students’ passion for knowledge.


Foreign Language Teacher – Primary School

Arleto (who prefers Professor Macuacua on campus) has been our Foreign Language Teacher since Kingfisher Lake’s inception, specializing in Portuguese for primary school level. Macuacua has a natural rapport with children and possesses patience, compassion and professionalism in abundance. His fatherly guidance to each pupil and the respect he offers in each interaction speak to his commitment to a higher standard of conduct. Professor Macuaucua is a wonderful example of kindness, honesty and humility for students to aspire to.

He holds a degree in Teaching – certified from Grades 1 to 12 – from ADPP College in Inhambane, Mozambique (2012) and has completed his Masters in English from Maxixe University (2022). Teaching in Portuguese, English and Gitonga (the local language of our province), Macuacua artfully blends language and learning in a fun and approachable way.


Preschool Primary Caregiver

Known affectionately as Memma – Filomena has been our exceptionally calm Preschool Bumble Bee Class (18 mo – 3 yr) Primary Caregiver since 2016. She exudes patience, gracious understanding, and wears unconditional affection like a uniform: she is the peace that soothes the fiercest of terrible-two tantrums.

An attentively skillful mother of three and experienced professional caregiver (up to age 5), Filomena has a wealth of expertise in infant and early childhood ministrations. She is also currently completing her NQ4 Early Childhood  Development Occupational Practitioner Course. She’s an integral part of our early foundations program in Preschool and a cherished member of the Kingfisher Lake family.


Foreign Language Teacher – High School

Bento is a new, and vibrant, addition to our staff. Homegrown in Inhambane, he brings an amazing energy to campus and is a wonderful example of a local life-long learner. Boasting a breadth of interests, from music and art to travel and language translations, Bento brings a lot to the team and we’re so pleased to have him join the Kingfisher family as a member of our High School Foreign Language teaching department, where he also teaches our Information and Communications Technology program.

After completing high school, Bento attended the English College (Institute de Linguas Inhambane) and graduated in 2018. He then continued his education through the University Save (Maxixe), where he received his teaching degree complimented with a professional translation from Portuguese to English certificate. He is passionate about cultural exchange, music, nature, art and growing into an exceptional teacher.


Grade 1 Teacher

Sara has been with Kingfisher Lake since 2019 and is the Grade 1 Class Teacher as well as an integral asset as an experienced pediatrics counselor, to our pupil’s mental fitness. She renders a fusion of order and creativity to skilfully guide learners’ transition into a more formal academic space after Preschool; Sara has an open-heart-and-mind policy to everything she does.

She earned a BS in Sociology from Great Zimbabwe University (2013), complimented with a Master in Population and Demography (2020) from her alma mater as well. Sara is currently completing her Postgraduate Certificate in Psychopedagogy and Teaching Methodologies through Centro de Formacao Tecnico-Profissional (UNISAVE). Sara has extensive experience at international schools across Southern Africa, a calling to promote discourse surrounding women’s issues, and a drive to develop a socially conscience, tolerant, and caring culture at Kingfisher Lake. We’re very blessed to have her as part of our Kingfisher Lake family.


Preschool Department Head & Grade R Teacher

Sasha joined Kingfisher Lake in 2016 and is the acting Department Head for our Preschool program and the Class Teacher for Grade R (5 year olds). She obtained a National Diploma in Early Childhood Development from the Compass Academy of Learning (2019) and is certified to teach English as a second language (2020). She was instrumental in developing several international preschool initiatives during her time working in hospitality management and has a genuine passion for nurturing foundation-age learning.

Sasha is a loving and determined professional, always willing to support those around her. She leads the Preschool with a servant’s heart, dedicating herself to growing a team that cares for our youngest members of Kingfisher Lake’s student body. Her passion for nature, children and the arts fuel her activities and awakens her pupil’s imaginative potential.


Preschool Teacher

Lionete is a member of our Preschool team and joined Kingfisher Lake’s staff in 2022, when she relocated from her hometown of Maputo to Inhambane with her family. She brings a breadth of experience with young pupils, having worked at several preschools in Maputo (specializing in ages 1 to 5) as well as raising two daughters. Possessing a balanced disposition accented with a gracious smile and endless affection for kids, she has quickly become an invaluable asset for our Preschool program.

Lionete has a degree in early childhood development and education, earned in 2011 from the Direcção Provincial Gênero Criança e Acção Social, and a BS in computer science (2009). She is an avid life-long learner (currently tackling English with gusto) and leans on faith, family, friends and fauna – she loves plants to fill her days. We’re so pleased to have her as part of the team.


Preschool Teacher

Sheron recently joined our staff, relocating from Maputo, in 2022 to assist in our Preschool program and we’re thrilled to introduce her as part of our Kingfisher family. Born in Manica but raised in Zimbabwe, Sheron speaks Portuguese, English and Shona fluently. She has an infectious smile, a work ethic worthy of emulation, and a true passion for young pupils that shines.

Sheron earned a Psychology and Teaching Methodology degree (2011) and is currently complementing that with a Business Management degree (she’s in her 3rd year of the program) and her Postgraduate Certificate in Psychopedagogy and Teaching Methodologies through Centro de Formacao Tecnico-Profissional (UNISAVE). Teaching since 2012, she has a depth of experience at international schools and is a huge asset to our team. She loves teaching through play and assisting our early development pupils to learn, thrive and grow into accountable and mindful students.


Grade 2 Teacher

Teacher Alex, Kais Alexandera East, works at Kingfisher’s Primary School as the second grade teacher and is a brilliant new addition to the team. Blending a no-nonsense attitude with a nurturing soul, Alex cultivates a safe, creative space for your children to learn, grow and thrive. A determined professional who loves to experience cultures and people, she aims to inspire young learners to dream big, follow their hearts, and stand up for their beliefs.

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce Ad Law (2018) from Midrand Graduate Institute in South Africa, where as a Commerce Attorney, she passionately fought for equality and justice before moving home to Inhambane, Mozambique to be closer to family. A life-long learner, Alex has postgraduate certificates in Human Resources, Risk Management, and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). She is currently completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychopedagogy and Teaching Methodologies through Centro de Formacao Tecnico-Profissional (UNISAVE).

With her previous experience as a tutor at Crystal Park Primary and High School and a beloved home-school teacher in Tofo, she is a welcomed and valued member of Kingfisher’s family.


Grade 4 and Physical Education Teacher

Arnold Murimbechi (Teacher Arnold) hails from Zimbabwe and joined the Kingfisher team in 2023 as our school-wide physical education instructor. He has a passion for education and sees athletics as a natural microcosm for success in life, encouraging his pupils to push through, adapt, work hard and succeed.

With a degree in Secondary Education and a diploma in Physical Education, as well as a level one football coaching certificate, Arnold is well equipped to leverage his over 14-years of teaching experience to foster both individual and collaborative achievement. Arnold prides himself in fostering a motivating, safe learning environment for his students that allows them to unlock their potential and thrive. We are pleased to have such a dedicated team member as part of our Kingfisher family.


High School Teacher and Head of Department

Lailani Villarin Abanto (Teacher Lailani) is our Grade 7 & 8 Lead Teacher and our High School Science and Maths subject teacher. Born in the Philippines, Lailani earned a Bachelor of Secondary Education, specializing in Biochemistry, with a minor in Mathematics and complemented this with a Master’s in Educational Management and Technology with a postgraduate Cambridge certificate in primary and secondary education.

Armed with a wealth of experience she is heading-up our transition to a Cambridge certified High School. Lailani has a passion for teaching and prides herself in instilling a sense of accomplishment in her students. With a no nonsense attitude and an indomitable spirit, she encourages her students to push harder and reach for the stars. Lailani is a valued member of our leadership team and we’re excited about further growing the High School together.


Preschool Teacher

Arlinda Augusto, Teacher Linda, is our vivacious Geckos classroom teacher. She was born in the Jangamo district of Inhambane, but moved to Maputo for school before returning to Inhambane province in 2013. In the process of earning a certificate in Early Childhood Development, Linda is passionate about creating a rich, nurturing and engaging experience for our preschool children.

She believes giving children a safe and fun learning environment sparks curiosity and growth. A passionate mother and experienced homecare childcare specialist, Linda infuses compassion and energy into everything she does. She’s a bright day in our Kingfisher family.