Kingfisher Lake International Children’s College was founded in 2014 and is a registered Education Institution with the Mozambican Department of Education. The school is also a full member of ISASA – the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa, which involves an annual visit from their regional representative and a quality assurance evaluation every six years through their associate company, OISESA (formerly IQAA) (Office of Independent Schools Evaluations Southern Africa).

Kingfisher Lake International Children’s College is run by an Executive Board comprising the School Head, Chairperson, three Parent Representatives, Secretary, Shareholders Representative, Teachers (Leadership) Representative and Treasurer. The board is responsible for the ethos, strategic direction, broad policies, finances and assets of the school.

The P.T.A. (Parents and Teachers Association) is an optional entity whose objective is to support and further the interests and welfare of the School, and of its teachers and children, foster a spirit of community amongst the parents, teachers and children of the School and; provide a channel of communication between the parents of children in the School and the School.

Board Constitution

Parent Teacher Association Constitution

Code of Conduct

ISASA Membership Certificate

IQAA Membership Certificate