Investment Opportunity

Are you interested in contributing to a wonderful project which will benefit hundreds of children in years to come, while at the same time, acquiring a prime piece of real estate in partnership with a legally registered Mozambican company?

Kingfisher Lake International Children’s College is a private company owned by shareholders of Machavenga Limitada. It is an exciting, long-term project whose primary aim is to establish a leading education facility here in Inhambane, Mozambique. The acquired piece of land – approximately two hectares – lies almost mid-way between Tofo and Inhambane. This ideal location overlooks a fresh water lake, which forms the eastern border of this stunning, rural property.

The shareholders of Machavenga Limitada seek to attract more investors so that all of the required class rooms and sports facilities can be built within the shortest timeframe possible, as the growth of the school is expected to occur at a steady rate.

Being a long-term investment, returns will only be of monetary value in a number of years’ time.  The value of the shares will only increase, enabling investors to sell shares for a lot more than what they were purchased for. Kingfisher Lake is a passion-driven journey; an incredible opportunity for somebody looking to be a part of something altruistic; something great.

If this sounds like you, please make an appointment via the contact details under Contact Us.

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