Kingfisher Lake International Children’s College is an independent or private school in Mozambique, welcoming children from 18 months to grade nine. It is located midway between the City of Inhambane and Tofo village, 500 kilometres North of Maputo. Our multi-cultural co-educational college enjoys a fusion of Mozambican and Moroccan-inspired architecture with rolling lawns, hundreds of palm trees, with classrooms overlooking a beautiful fresh-water lake. Here, our learners prepare for their role in the twenty-first century and the responsibilities it will place before them.

We pride ourselves in the quality and long term commitment of our teachers who are wholeheartedly dedicated to their profession and are passionate about developing a magnificent international school in Inhambane. Kingfisher Lake is a school that boasts a favourable teacher-to-learner ratio ensuring a personal and caring learning experience.

It is the intention of the college to grow the school to further include a year eight class within two or three years, pending the needs of the community and the availability of qualified, experienced staff and adequate facilities.

While each child is developed academically, other aspects of their being such as the social, emotional and spiritual are nurtured with equal fervour to ensure a balanced and happy individual. Striving to offer quality education inspired by nature, our focus on sustainability aims to prepare our learners to thrive on our planet.

Our motto, ‘Instilling conscious living through quality education’ underscores our efforts at every level.

Our school is registered with the Mozambican Department of Education as well as the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) under the Department for Education in England, so we have priority access to the British National Curriculum including associated assessments and tests. We are also members of ISASA (Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa).

Taking advantage of the location, our sporting and extracurricular activities include swimming, athletics, soccer, ballet, yoga, Bush Cats (our very own version of Boy Scouts/ Brownies), camping, Capoeira and Art. These change from time to time, depending on professionals available and the preferences of the children and the families.

To be associated with Kingfisher Lake Children’s College is to enjoy the exciting journey during which pupils can stretch their wings, exercise their potential and rise to the challenge of mind, body and spirit.